Phone Dialer™

Auto & Triple Line Capabilities

Do you spend too much time switching between calls and waiting for contacts to answer? Phone Dialer™ will save you valuable time and allow you to make significantly more calls per hour. Our solution works anywhere, and on any device, so you don’t have to be stuck at a desk to use it. Place calls from a mobile, landline or desk phone from wherever in the world you choose to work.

Phone Dialer™ Analytics Phone Dialer™ Analytics Phone Dialer™ Analytics Phone Dialer™ Analytics

Phone Dialer™ Analytics

Phone Dialer™ Features


Designed With Sales in Mind

Phone Dialer™ is a sales-focused solution, and we appreciate that sales people and organizations work in different ways. While many other auto dialing solutions restrict users to a desk, Phone Dialer™ can be operated from any location in the world, requiring nothing more than your existing mobile or landline phone. And if you do want your workforce to place calls from their desks, we offer a full-functionality desktop experience as well.

Cloud-Based Solution

All of your Phone Dialer™ data is stored in the cloud, meaning you can access your dialing portal and place calls from anywhere in the world

Compatible With All Devices

Whether your employees use mobile phones, VoIP, landlines or desktop devices, Phone Dialer™ allows them to dial their contacts without having to change their existing setup

Data Analytics and Tracking

Phone Dialer™ analyses your organization’s call data and determines the most effective time to place a call based when a contact is most likely to answer. Keep your calls more organized with our call tracking feature

Affordable Pricing Plans

Affordable Pricing Plans

High-End Solution for Affordable Pricing Structure

Leverage Power Dialer’s unrivaled reliability and enterprise grade infrastructure to save you money.

Phone Dialer™ is suitable for any size of operation, from large-scale enterprise call centers, all the way down to a single individual user. Implementation is quick and easy, with no hidden set-up fees or additional technology configuration required. All you have to do is sign-up, add your assigned users and begin making sales. Our solution is affordable for companies of any size, offering you unlimited minutes for a flat rate fee, depending on your number of users.


Local Calls

Each user may use up to 10 specified local numbers for free

Vanity and Toll Free Numbers Available

Users have the option to purchase toll free 877 Area Code & vanity numbers from their Phone Dialer™ platform

Unlimited Extensions

Create as many extensions as you require and specify call routing rules across all employees and departments of your business

Personalized Voicemail Recordings

Set up and play custom recorded voicemail messages for each of your extensions

Voicemail-to-Email Transcription

Save time by having your voicemail messages transcribed straight to your email inbox

Phone Dialer™ Pricing Details

No Annoying Contracts, No Extortionate Setup Fees, An Unlimited Amount of Minutes, and Cancel Anytime.

When you’re a small business trying to get off the ground, your days are complicated. Your virtual phone system needs to be as simple as it can be, and with Phone Dialer™ you’ll have self-service, simple pricing, and no long term contracts.


Powerful Benefits of Phone Dialer™ for All Businesses

Whatever the size of your business or the industry in which you operate, Phone Dialer™ offers a powerful range of benefits for any use cases. Experience higher levels of caller productivity, efficient onboarding and training, advanced data analytics, and call tracking capabilities.

Visual Screen Display

A screen pop display accompanies every call, displaying contact details and relevant call history as soon as the phone starts ringing

Lead Segmentation

Organize and prioritize your leads according to your prescribed segmentation criteria

Simultaneous Call Handling

You never have to drop a call with Phone Dialer™; simply forward incoming calls to the next available user

Text Messages

Enjoy SMS text functionality, allowing two way texting, forwarding and auto-responding

Automatic Voicemail Dropping

Don’t waste time leaving voicemail messages; simply move onto the next call and the system will leave a prerecorded message for you. Send to Straight to Voicemail messages for all those frequent sales follow ups.

Simple and Efficient Onboarding Process for No Additional Cost

Onboarding and training employees to use a new system can take up valuable time and resources that could be otherwise used to make sales. Save yourself a headache with Phone Dialer™ simple and efficient configuration. Interactive step-by-step guides and walkthroughs enable users to get up and running as quickly as possible with minimal support. Implementation can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

Walkthrough Setup & Training Included Walkthrough Setup & Training Included

Walkthrough Setup & Training Included

Unlimited Talk & Text Unlimited Talk & Text

Unlimited Talk & Text

Unlimited Minutes for A Single Flat Fee

Pay one flat fee for everything!

Many dialing solutions have hidden costs or charge by the minute. With Phone Dialer™, there are no nasty surprises and payment is simple and affordable. You pay one flat monthly fee and receive unlimited minutes in return. Your fee is based on the number of users operating the system. Don’t worry if you have a high turnover workplace, as account licenses can be transferred between different users for no additional cost.

Phone Dialer™ Software Powerful Performance Features

Whatever your business’s auto dialing needs, Phone Dialer™ is the ideal solution for you. With unlimited minutes, complete scalability, and the ability to place calls from any device and location, any business can enjoy the powerful benefits of our Phone Dialer™ software.

Data Reporting and Analytics

Make smarter business choices with Phone Dialer™ high-end analytics, offering complete reporting on call history and usage data across your organization

Call Tracking

Track all incoming calls and spot important trends to help you adjust your telemarketing efforts accordingly

Lead Scoring

Rank and prioritize your prospects according to an assigned quality score, allowing you to make the most effective use of your time

Customized Access Control

Give each of your employees their own specific role within the Phone Dialer™ software and access rights to match it

Predictive Calling

Stop wasting time waiting for calls. Phone Dialer™ allows you to dial up to three contacts at once and speak to whomever answers first

Call Abandonment

Reduce your call abandonment rates by tracking abandonment, toggling down dialing rates and playing recorded messages when recipients switch off


Leverage your existing technology solutions by integrating Phone Dialer™ into third party services such as Zapier

Open API

Need to integrate auto dialing into your current CRM or sales software? Our open API allows you to create an integration with any application of your choosing

User Performance Tracking

As an employer of a high-performing salesforce you need to ensure that everyone is operating at the peak of their ability at all times. Phone Dialer™ allows you to monitor the performance of each user, tracking their call activity, duration and outcomes. This will enable you to identify any weaknesses in the sales cycle and retrain employees to ensure they meet their targets.

Employee Performance Insights Employee Performance Insights Employee Performance Insights

Employee Performance Insights

Quick & Easy Setup Quick & Easy Setup Quick & Easy Setup

Quick & Easy Setup

Setup in Minutes

Implementing a new software should never be a barrier to conducting business as usual. Phone Dialer™ is designed to allow users to get up and running as quickly as possible. It is fast and easy to set up, and comes complete with step-by-step guides and interactive walkthroughs allowing you to configure your portal and start making calls right away. Onboarding and training can be customized to the specific roles of each employee, to eliminate further expense of time and resources.

Phone Dialer™ for Small Business & Individual Users

Phone Dialer™ can grow and scale alongside your business. Our solution is perfect not only for large-scale enterprises but also small businesses and individual users. The solution can be scaled and customized to meet your specific requirements. While other solutions put a minimum floor on the number of users, Phone Dialer™ can work with just one single agent. And if you need to grow your business, simply adjust your plan to incorporate more users.

Phone Dialer™ for High-turnover Environments

Hiring and firing employees all the time can be a drain on resources. You need to train new staff and set them up with new accounts, while removing access for former employees. Phone Dialer™ alleviates this burden as it is specifically designed for companies with a high turnover. When an employee leaves, you can simply transfer their license to a new user with no fuss or additional cost. And you can easily adjust your plan to scale up or down as your business requires. Walkthroughs and training make the onboarding process hassle-free and your new sales rep can be on the floor making calls in no time.

Phone Dialer™ for High Security & Prison Call Centers

If your business operates under a high level of security, then you can be assured with Phone Dialer™ that you are in a safe pair of hands. We have extensive experience working with prison call centers and other high security environments. The level of security our software provides is customizable to your particular needs, and has minimal technological requirements. All your users need is an assigned phone locked into dialing one external phone number. Users must enter their unique access pin to use the software, and can only make calls to contact lists you have specifically assigned to them. If it is appropriate for your levels of security, you can also provide them with a screen display to accompany each call with contact details and previous interaction history.

Phone Dialer™ for On-the-Go Employees

Make the most of travelling time by placing calls on the go. Phone Dialer™ is an incredibly versatile and flexible dialing platform that can be used in any location from any device. Whether you’re commuting to work, at home, or sitting in a coffee shop, you can leverage any spare moment of your day to generate sales. Use your existing mobile or landline phone, or use our desktop app, and you can auto dial contacts, view your analytics or record your call outcomes with ease.

Phone Dialer™ for Car Dealers & Field Sales Reps

Sales agents who work in different locations require a solution that gives them the flexibility to work in any location. Car dealers and field sales representatives for example, are rarely tied down to a desk, and will need to follow up and nurture their prospects whenever they have a spare moment. Phone Dialer™ provides just this level of flexibility, allowing your agents to call and track their contacts at all times from their mobile phone. You too can benefit from the ability to monitor their performance and ensure they are working productively.

Phone Dialer™ for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents must place a huge number of outbound calls on a daily basis, from cold calling new prospects to following up with existing clients. Minimize unnecessary waiting times with Phone Dialer™, and make three times the volume of cold calls. Prospecting for potential sellers and buyers can be carried out more efficiently and productively, from any device and location of your choosing.

Phone Dialer™ for Remote Workers and Work From Home Employees

When you have a remote workforce it can be a challenge to ensure they stay productive and make a high number of calls even when working from home. In some cases they need specialized equipment to work from home effectively. Phone Dialer™ removes these problems with its enhanced performance tracking capabilities. Monitor productivity, call activity and outcomes of each individual user. The solution is perfectly suited to remote working as no additional equipment is required. It can work on whatever existing device your employees currently use. All training and onboarding can easily be carried out from home with simple-to-use walkthroughs and step-by-step guides designed to get employees up and running in a matter of minutes.

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